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While your competitors are at lunch, you could be
at launch. Build and post your web site in minutes.

If you fit into one of the following categories, EZLauncher is for you.

• You've considered getting your company on the web, but you've heard the horror stories and have too many unanswered questions....
"...it's probably just best to forget about it all together..."

• You already have a web site and would like to improve it or upgrade it, but can't afford the cost or delays to head back to your development company and ask for help.

• You know you need a professional web site that sets your business apart from your competition, but cringe at the $5,000 to $25,000 custom development costs you've heard so much about.

If you identify with any of those descriptions, EZLauncher was built specifically with you in mind!

We've considered all of your needs and concerns in wanting to create a presence on the web.

EZLauncher.com addresses and solves your -
• Cost Concerns
• Support Concerns
• Value Questions (What will I really get for my money?)
• Maintenance and Editing Concerns

Just what is EZLauncher?

EZLauncher.com is a comprehensive online web solution for any business who wants to have a professional presence on the web.
EZLauncher.com gives you -

• A cost effective way to get your company online fast.
• An all-in-one approach to getting your company email, your company domain name, and a professional web site for your business.
• The ability to change anything and everything about your site instantly, on your own and as often as need.
• Personalized service that begins with a face-to-face meeting with one of our dedicated sales professionals.
• True phone and email support for as long as you are an EZLauncher.com customer.
• A constantly growing set of features and professional site design options at your disposal.

Think about it. With EZLauncher.com, there's -
• No more waiting a week while your developer takes care of technical mumbo-jumbo.
• No more spending thousands on custom development and not getting what you really wanted in the end.
• No more spending hundreds of dollars having revisions or upgrades done to your site.
• No more wishing you had a better site.

Why should I use EZLauncher.com?
For that matter, why do I even need a web site?

Before the experienced staff of EZLauncher.com went to work, they asked themselves the one question they'd been hearing for years:

"Why should I (you), as a small business owner invest my hard earned money in a web site?"

Maybe these will be reason enough -
• TRAFFIC: 182.6 million people in the U.S. & Canada are online.
• COVERAGE: If just 10% of your visitors recommend your site to a friend or colleague - your traffic will double each week. Add 10 new users per week and your 6 month total is 3000 new visitors. Get 10% of them to bite and that's 50 new customers per month.
• RETURN ON INVESTMENT: A web site is by far the cheapest way to get your information to the hands of your prospects. A direct mail brochure can cost as much as $2 each to produce and deliver and it only gets in the hands of those you send it to. The web offers you an open-ended audience that can be reached for pennies apiece (or less).

And last but not least...

• REVENUES: The U.S. alone is estimated to have spent between $60 and $100 billion online in 2002. This figure is expected to go up annually between 20% - 25% until 2007, when it is forecast that nearly 35% of all purchases will be influenced by the internet.

Getting on the web can benefit your company in countless ways. • Offering 24/7, anywhere-in-the-world access to your product, service or information can go a long way in the area of customer service.
• Think of having a web site as opening up a new branch office - all over the world.
• There is no better, more cost effective way in today's consumer climate to get your information out there. (That's just a fact!) Businesses need to be on the web these days, so we set out to find a way to get them there as easily and painlessly as possible.

We've made it as easy as counting to 3 to get a professional web site up and running for your company.

3. Sign up at EZLauncher.com.
2. Build your site in as little as 10 minutes.
1. Sit back and reap the rewards.

For less money than you spend on office supplies–
you can build, launch and manage your web site!

We realized early on that not everyone needs Fortune 500 functionality in their small business web site. That's why we created two products within the EZLauncher system.

The Discovery Package offers all of the set-up and design options without the cost of the enterprise level functionality. A Discovery Package account will allow you to build, edit and redesign your site as often as you like, but only provides simple content related functionality. You can upload and edit your content at will, but the modular functions available in the Enterprise Package, such as shopping carts and event calendars are not available.

• Access to our constantly growing library of professional design templates, color schemes and graphical options
• Get your own EZLauncher web address (yourname.ezlauncher.com)
• Receive a matching email address (yourname@ezlauncher.com)
• Hosting for the duration of your account
• Maintain your site online from anywhere, anytime with your EZLauncher login

The Enterprise Package puts everything your business will need at your finger tips. It not only offers the choice of over 100 interface design templates, color schemes and graphics options, but it provides you with everything you would get in a custom web site that could cost as much as $10,000 - with NO MAINTENANCE FEES - EVER. In addition to content editing, control of your site design and the additional email and hosting services that we've mentioned, the Enterprise Package allows you to select from numerous modular features that can be built into your site simply by selecting them and adding your content. Online calendars, shopping carts, opt-in email modules, statistics packages and much more. Just like our ever-expanding library of design templates, the selection of functionality modules will also be constantly growing as we develop and add new features.

• Access to our constantly growing library of professional design templates, color schemes and graphical options
• Access to our constantly growing library of site features and expansion modules
• Hosting for the duration of your account
• Get your own unique web address (www.yourname.com)
• Receive up to 10 matching email addresses (yourname1@yourname.com, yourname2@, etc...)
• Hosting for the duration of your account
• Maintain your site online from anywhere, anytime with your EZLauncher login

The fine print...a few things you should know. Before setting up your EZLauncher account, there are a few details we should cover regarding the EZLauncher system and your EZLauncher site. • There is NO PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE NEEDED. If you can use a word processor, you can build and manage a web site with EZLauncher.
• EZLauncher.com will constantly be expanding its libraries of designs, options and expansion modules. Once you have a site up with EZLauncher, you will have access to any and all additions to the EZLauncher system for as long as you maintain your EZLauncher account.
• Once you sign up with EZLauncher.com you will receive a call from our support staff within 24 hours to verify your account, confirm your domain name and schedule a phone training session.
• A $199 activation fee will be required in order to activate your account and allow you access to the EZLauncher system. This activation fee does not mean that EZLauncher.com will build your site. *Setup services are available for an additional fee. Contact our support team for more information.
• EZLauncher.com does not offer copy writing or consulting services in regard to your site. However, we do maintain professional alliances with marketing and design companies that could assist in such development. Call or email us for more information.
• EZLauncher sites are the property of EZLauncher.com. Sites built with EZLauncher are nontransferable. If at some point you wish to move your site or your service to another provider, you may extract your content only. All template designs, source code and graphical elements are the sole property of EZLauncher.com.

(c) Copyright 2003 EZLauncher.com