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Our Story

Being active contributors to the tech industry for years we have seen it all. However, one thing really shook us. The product launch cycle is simply too fragmented – it starts with having an idea, then building a product, getting stakeholder reviews (mainly users and peers) and improving based on the feedback which takes a lot of time and finally launching it.

After draining the resources in this process, the work is only half done.

Why? Because building a product is one thing, and attracting customers is completely different. I mean let’s be honest, drawing eyeballs to a new business is not easy, especially if we talk about small startups. As you may know, they cannot match the marketing budget of the industry incumbents and this obstacle makes it extremely challenging to establish a foothold in an already over-competitive space like tech.

That’s why we decided to make marketing and the overall product building cycle cost-effective while giving the brand exposure that a startup requires. Finally, after several cups of coffee and brainstorming sessions, EZlauncher was born and the rest is history.

Thanks to this unified approach, we can proudly say - EZlauncher not only markets a tech product but also helps tech startups grow their business.

Our Mission

To provide the opportunity to share, explore, and launch the latest tech products in the world by creating the most welcoming online community developed by tech entrepreneurs for tech entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

To create the most welcoming global cooperative society that ignites motivation to all aspiring tech entrepreneurs in the world while achieving superior levels of member satisfaction.

People Behind EZlauncher

If the founders are substratum, these are the pillars of EZlauncher. People who work outside the cabin and deals with every situation pragmatically at ground level.


radoslav a.


Radoslav Atanasov is a marketing wizard and a jazz lover. He specializes in marketing campaigns, PPC advertising, and sales pages. He spends his day reading marketing trends, making crucial decisions, and drinking coffee.


shivam g.


Shivam G breathes tech. On a busy day, he supervises the development of new features for the EZlauncher platform. On a normal day, he is busy with the R&D department finding new ways to improve EZlauncher. His pet dog Bruno also loves typing when Shivam isn’t around. It is no wonder why Shivam buys a new keyboard every few months.


syed f.

-Marketing Manager-

Syed F is a people person. He meets new clients, takes customer feedback, and runs unique marketing campaigns. You will find him 24/7 on social media. Half of the time, he is thinking about the next viral campaign, and the remaining time, he is endlessly scrolling through memes.

Earlier, building an application, getting feedback, and marketing were different processes. We are changing this by providing a platform that ticks all the boxes of a product-launch cycle. We are creating a win-win situation for everyone - product makers get to list and market their products and tech-heads get to browse the latest tech applications. All of this at one place - EZlauncher

Radoslav A.

Radoslav A.
CEO at EZlauncher

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