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Appointment & lead management software

Boost your productivity and free up time with AppointEze which is an Appointment booking software. It offers online booking, manages your appointments and sends text reminders, and ultimately drives measurable growth of your business.


  •  Allows clients to book, reschedule or cancel their appointment at their convenience
  • It is 24/7 available
  • Two-way calendar sync
  • Live report
  • A large number of apps integration
  • Send automatic notification through SMS, emails that reduce no-show appointments.
  • Flexible availability in multiple locations
  • Manage your appointments anytime anywhere and from any device ( Android, IOS, desktop)
  • Offers multi-channel payment options
  • Take bookings from social media
  • Manage time zones and languages
  • Easy to use and completely secure.

Grace Connor Adam Noel Abel Ham Abraham Roberts Launa walker Aaron Arnold Asia Catherine Mills Dom
Published on: 03/04/2022
Status: Startup Phase

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