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The only AI-based product collaboration platform empowering teams to build better products faster.

Calido makes it easy for product teams to build a single source of truth in order to understand user needs, prioritize what to build next, align everyone on the roadmap, and engage with their stakeholders. Calido helps you identify priorities, simplify workflows, and make data-driven decisions with one platform that cuts through the tech clutter.

Key benefits of using Calido

Clarity - Cut through the noise and focus on what matters most

You can reach product-market fit in no time with features that are dialed into the most important customer insights. Plus, you’re able to share roadmaps and dashboards with your stakeholders so everyone can collaborate on priorities from day one.

Vision - Get alignment and excitement around your product

Manage everything from your product strategy to marketing campaign in one place. With Calido, you’re able to rally everyone around your vision to get buy-in from key decision-makers, and collaboratively manage the full product or project. You can create custom shared views to engage your teams at every stage.

Share a view with developers that lets them track product iterations and release, and create a shareable timeline to keep everyone in the loop. You can even present an editable Live View at your next meeting to adjust resources, progress, and priorities in real time—and really impress your stakeholders.

Insights - Bring the voice of the customer and build what matters

Create custom views and dashboards to keep your teams in the loop. Capture reactions to your ideas so you can prioritize the features your customers actually want. You can simply publish an idea portal to invite user feedback, discover new insights, and validate your ideas.

Calido’s idea portals let your users and stakeholders react to new ideas in real time. Your customers and stakeholders can even share their thoughts on new features with a built-in comment section to get an idea of what you should prioritize for future releases.

Ready, set, go - Hit the ground running your way and see value from day one

Calido makes it easy to start any project with customizable templates. Jumpstart your workflow with a library of easy-to-use templates, including a fully customizable roadmap, idea portal, launch plan, marketing campaign, and many more.

You can also use Calido to manage a wide range of projects, from usability testing to marketing campaigns and team tasks. Just import your own content, and use the drag-and-drop feature to create different workspaces and trackers for your teams. And you can even build your own templates in just a few clicks. Calido’s support team is ready to assist when you need it.

Product features and benefits

Strategy - Use OKRs to drive strategy and create alignment across teams

Increase your team’s performance to deliver on ambitious goals connecting the roadmap to the company's objectives. Product teams can set strategy, OKRs & goals and tie them directly to the roadmaps. Roll-up goals and initiatives to high-level company OKRs, goals and initiatives. Easily manage strategic planning, including vision, positioning, competitors, customers, personas, creative briefs, business case, or any other custom strategic item.

Manage epics and initiatives to support your strategy and goals in a single end-to-end platform.

User insights - ​​Inform product vision and roadmap with user insights

Understand context and gain clarity on customer needs. Deliver true customer value with every release. Reach customer feedback intelligence, gain clarity and context into the why behind the what and use real insights to inform your product decisions. Centralize your product feedback by using Calido as a single source for collecting and managing feedback. Interact with customers in real-time to validate, prioritize and communicate. Calido also helps you manage market trends and competitive insights so that you can capitalize on emerging market trends and use competitive insights to strengthen your differentiators.

Roadmaps - Prioritize what to build next using data

Create impactful roadmaps in seconds. Build tailored roadmap views custom to different stakeholders. Get started instantly by importing your data or using our ready-made templates.

With Calido you can easily align stakeholders around the roadmap, engage cross-functional teams in your roadmap and get real-time feedback, alignment and buy-in.

Drive cross-team collaboration and productivity and keep everyone informed on priority and progress. Use Calido to manage deliverables and accountability across collaborating teams and share tailored stakeholder views to provide real-time updates. Gain ongoing organizational support for your product vision with Calido as a communication and collaboration medium to rally your organization behind your roadmap.

Go beyond the roadmap and get the why behind the what. Build a single source of truth powered by the Calido open data model. Consolidate product ideas, requests, and feedback from many sources. Tie these priorities to strategy, customers, personas, OKRs, and much more. Get a holistic view of all tracked items and see which have been requested the most, which customers, segments or personas asked for them. Set your product objectives and prioritize what to work on based on user needs, business goals, custom scores and a variety of other criteria.