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Expert Planet

Expert Planet

The World’s Legal Services Marketplace

  • Expert Planet is a social product that helps experts expand their business network.

Expert Planet is the world's legal services marketplace, and it is a product of Seadaka Ltd., a network technology company committed to building a business exchange platform for global experts in the field of risk control, facilitating experts in various fields to provide professional advice and services to foreign trade enterprises. Right now we are the largest diversified online platform for the risk control industry in China.
Expert Planet is a social product that helps experts expand their business network.
On Expert Planet, practitioners from various industries can enjoy barrier-free communication with experts from the same industry or across other industries to enrich their business network and get more commercial opportunities.
You can also showcase your company on this social platform to increase your company's visibility.
Chinese foreign trade users are also active on this social platform, looking for professional solutions to their business problems.
At present, the platform can provide users with various types of services such as international debt collection, legal consultation, e-commerce account reinstatement, overseas market research, factoring, and purchasing of bad debt, etc. If your company engages in these fields, Expert Planet will help you enter a new market and obtain more customers!
We do not charge any kind of registration fee (annual fee, membership fee, subscription fee, etc.). All experts can fully utilize their business expertise to solve problems for users in need and get rewarded.
Sign up now at to build your business collaboration network.
If you have any questions or need help, you can email
Published on: 24/11/2022
Status: Startup Phase

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