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Build and grow your community

  • We help entrepreneurs with exposure of their brand
  • We help entrepreneurs with gaining an audience for their brand
  • We help entrepreneurs during the most difficult phase of their startup
  • We help startups with their search for innovative tools

According to the yearly report of Startup Genome, 9 out of 10 startups fail within their first year. The main reasons are a lack of product-market fit, marketing problems and financial problems. That’s a shame, because most of the entrepreneurs have great ideas that could truly benefit a lot people if they would have the right channels to market their product or gain capital to truly start their organization.

The stage after the product launch is often the hardest. In this stage, the product is yet hardly known and it is hard to gain an audience. EZlauncher helps entrepreneurs during this phase to expose their brand, gaining an audience and by doing that, also getting their first leads and sales.

In most cases, Facebook, LinkedIn or other well-known channels are used for initial branding, but these websites are:

  1. Expensive with paid promotions;
  2. Hard to grow organically (which is free, but very time consuming);
  3. Not made for growing a business, which can cause potential leads and customers to get distracted and leave.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to promote a community page on your own website, instead of promoting a Facebook page?

At EZlauncher startups even get a full ‘no code’ package to start interacting with their community. There is no need to install/configure/maintain different sets of tools (paid or non-paid).

More interaction means more traffic, which means more leads and therefore revenue.

Tushar Gupta Carl @ EZL Nabin Adhikari Jeff Svicarovich Pontaz Shivam Gupta Grace Connor Adam Noel Abel Ham Abraham Roberts Aaron Arnold Cynthia Murray Asia Carlos Mamani Dom Adex Faniran Mariosensei + 3 others
Published on: 12/03/2022
Status: Startup Phase

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