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Get 12x more shares for your video

Piktostory is the document-like video editing tool that smoothly turns your webinars, Zoom recordings or virtual events into bite-size clips ready to be shared on social media. Piktostory takes content repurposing into another level by letting you highlight the best or most important parts of your video, sharing them with your network, and improving audience engagament.

With an in-built video recorder, it is possible to record a video right within the platform, without having to upload it externally. Piktostory also lets you stay on brand by allowing you to customize your videos, fonts, and backgrounds. In addition, by including the possibility to add a watermark or logo to a video, Piktostory gives companies and individuals an additional way to stay on brand.

It is used by content marketers, social media managers, brand strategists, and anyone who creates video content to increase audience engagement. 

Jeff Svicarovich Shivam Gupta Adam Noel Syed Faizuddin
Published on: 17/03/2021
Status: Startup Phase

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