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Akiflow 2.0

Akiflow 2.0

All your tasks and calendars into one blazingly fast app

Hey there!

Nicola Possagnolo, Sebastiano Favaro, and the amazing team across Italy, India and France are proud to introduce this new product. Akiflow is a personal task manager + calendar desktop app (win+mac) that will help you keep yourself always organized.

We built Akiflow focusing on speeding up the fundamentals of productivity: capturing tasks, processing them, and always know what to work on. By becoming 10x faster on the basics, keeping yourself organized will not be a burden or require too much time throughout the day :)

Let us know what you think!

Akiflow is a Tasks + Calendars productivity app

- Capture tasks from multiple sources

- Process fast with shortcuts (plan/snooze)

- Increase your focus and personal organization