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Completely unique and the most advanced Business Management Platform for tree care industry

We are proud to introduce ArboStar, the state of the art cloud based business management platform tailored to tree care and landscaping businesses of any size. In one intuitive and easy to use software we integrated all the modules that you will need to manage your business smoothly and efficiently..

✓ Client Relations Management (CRM)

✓ Field & Equipment Management

✓ Business Analytics

✓ Accounting and Finance

✓ Payment Processing

✓ IP Telephony & SMS Integration

✓ Human Capital Management

✓ Quality Assurance

✓ Enterprise Planning System (ERP)

ArboStar is a complete? ?cloud based software platform that was designed for Arborists and Tree Care businesses. It offers tools and features that are simply necessary to run a modern business ?such as lead management, estimation, invoicing, scheduling and dispatching, fleet and workforce management, quality assurance and human capital management, marketing, accounting and analytics.? All modules offer solutions for business administration, client care, field management, marketing, as well as financial planning and accounting needs. ArboStar helps office and field staff to exchange information. It stores and makes searchable: ? client details ? team members' and subcontractors' assigned work orders and jobs ? schedules ? estimates, invoices, and work orders ? accounting and finances

ArboStar has all the necessary tools to enable great team communication and information transparency. From the minute the Client service call comes in the information is carefully documented digitally including the voice call recording. It simply eliminates human error reading illegible writing, and forgetting to pass on some important details. Based on this information the job tasks are requested. The manager portal for Client Service and Sales Manager has easy access to all the information in real time including incoming requests, teams productivity and service team locations. The client quote, invoicing and service history is conveniently stored in easy to search file. The managers can review quarterly or yearly results, resolve issues, and set targets. The client files may be completed with images taken by the staff, or containing important information for future service. All the client information is easily searchable. The result is faster, more responsive and efficient service with a focus on client. And clients feel that!


Completely unique and the most advanced Business Management Platform for tree care industry