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ConectoHub help teams work aligned to objectives of the organization, productively!

Emre here, Co Founder of ConectoHub.

We realized that there was no direct connection between daily works and OKRs. At the end of the day, it was harder to manage OKRs, align teams, prioritize the backlog of tasks, get an overview of which tasks really contribute to the company's objectives.

Thanks to ConectoHub integrated system, you can link tasks, milestones and projects to your Objectives and it triggers their progress automatically according to the weight of linked items. You can select manual update preference as well.

Also you can set up your Objectives all hieararchies of the company with ConectoHub powerful OKR system.

You can manage your work and connect business outcomes with company goals.

In Work Management module of ConectoHub, you can manage projects, tasks, teams and portfolios. Some of our highlited features are; multiple assignees, team assignees, recurring task, project portfolio management, real-time reports and widget based personal dashboards.

We are available on App Store and Play Store for Mobile.

We have free plan up to 10 users, forever.

Also, there is free trial option for all premium features, no credit card required. Hope you guys enjoy it!

We’d love to hear your feedback.

We will be very happy to answer all of your questions.

ConectoHub is OKR integrated agile work management platform for non-technical teams. It has user friendly and simple UIs that will be loved your team and adopted easily. Also it has powerful OKR system that Asana and Jira don't have. The other hand, your software team can still use Jira but for the rest of yours there is ConectoHub. You can connect Jira items(issues,sprints,epics etc.) with ConectoHub OKR's, soon. By the way all company will be aligned to the right Objectives whether they are technical or not.
Syed Faizuddin Charlotte Adam Wayne Syed Umair Liam Walter Lucas Emre Akyol



Published on: 05/07/2021
Status: Growth Phase

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ConectoHub help teams work aligned to objectives of the organization, productively!