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Digital Ad Predictor

Digital Ad Predictor

Predict your digital ad's performance instantly, for free.

Think ad testing. Think of big brands like Coca-Cola. Think of expensive TV ads. If you’re a digital marketer, you might think it's not for you.  

That is about to change.  

For the first time, test digital ads for free, in seconds. Real AI, real insights, powered by tens of thousands of consumer data points, and hundreds of millions of dollars of ad spend. Our new digital ad predictor provides a measure of your ad’s overall appeal, brand score, and ability to drive behaviour change, along with advice on how to improve it.

How to use it

Three steps, and probably less than three minutes. And it's free!

We're actively collecting feedback, and building the next version.
Please reach out to us with thoughts, feedback, and comments - we'd love to hear from you.

The tool is completely free! You can use it three times for free, and if you can offer us some feedback, we'll give you another three uses.

Zappi uses a gradient-boosting machine learning algorithm to rapidly deliver a prediction, based on a huge volume of anonymised and aggregated survey and norms data. What this means in layman’s terms is that a load of tags — both manually added and assigned algorithmically — are collected, cleaned, and fed into a decision tree model that then “boost” important components, while suppressing less important ones. This is the XGboost regression model. We’re using a machine learning model that predicts key metrics based on the attributes of the tested ad, e.g. branding, celebrity/human presence, length, etc. The model is trained on ads tested on Zappi Video/Digital and the prediction falls on average within 5% of the observed survey scores. We’re currently working on our V2, which will be far more accurate and specific.

The predictions and recommendations might be enough for you to improve your ad - brilliant! However, if you're working on part of a large or important campaign, or simply just want to make the best possible ad, the Zappi platform is your next step.
Carl Petterson

Carl Petterson

3 weeks ago

Looks interesting!

Carl Petterson Charlotte Adam Wayne Syed Umair Nik Hazell Liam Walter Lucas



Published on: 10/07/2021
Status: Startup Phase

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