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stop messages from disrupting your work on slack

Slack users are often tempted to send messages incessantly and compel interactions to be synchronous due to a simple interface and the illusion of constant availability. Since users must review each message instantly, this may cause frequent work disturbances. they are afraid of losing out on important details, despite the fact that they are already preoccupied with another important task. Each message not only takes time to notice, read, and respond to, but it also has a long-term impact on the user's mindset because they now have to exert extra effort and time to regain their focus. This vicious cycle of messages and disruptions wastes a significant amount of productive time and money. We wanted to try to solve this problem and restore Slack's usefulness without drastically altering how people currently work on Slack. This is what inspired the development of Dripfeedbot, which serves as a smart message buffer between you and the messages sent to you. Team members can now send messages to Dripfeedbot, which will store them in a secure and personalised message queue until the recipient is ready to read them. As a message recipient, you can now select when you want to see your messages and then respond to them quickly using interactive buttons. Messages will also be combined and sent in batches, with the option to reply along with the context of the conversation, eliminating the need to check each user's message thread individually. You can also create your own personal user whitelist to receive messages from specific users immediately. Because most channel messages are one-way communications, they can now be easily merged into batches of ten and automatically posted at a fixed interval, greatly reducing the number of notifications and distractions generated. All of these features integrate seamlessly with your existing Slack workspace and require no additional training from your users. In short, Dripfeedbot is a must-have app for any Slack team that values productivity and despises interruptions.

Shivam Gupta Grace Connor Adam Noel Aaron Arnold Syed Faizuddin Charlotte Walter Ali

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