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Keep the whole team informed.

Over the past few months, I've been building and using to meet my own needs in my daily life as a product leader.

As a product leader, I now rely heavily on the daily Jira digests from to give me an overview of what has been moving across 8 or so different engineering teams and connecting product delivery to objectives. The daily digest from Jira is one of the most exciting emails I receive every day as I get a complete overview of what teams are working on and spend a few minutes skimming for exceptions or things that I might need to jump into.

Using those insights you can then send a weekly update to the entire team, providing some commentary on the work in progress, highlight the status of the metrics you're focused on, and goals for the next week. This is a great way to keep the entire team informed and connected to the organization's goals.

I have plans to add more functionality to the platform in the future, including additional integrations into other project management tools (Azure DevOps, GitLab Boards,, data analytics tools (Google Analytics, Segment), an internal site where the team can browse past updates, react, comment and engage with the weekly updates.

But for now, all the updates product leaders compose are published via email and to slack.

Luke Grimstrup

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