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Metaverse of Virtual Events

  • ExpoSim is a SaaS platform for the next generation event managers & organizers. With ExpoSim, you can create & manage highly realistic virtual conferences & exhibitions without any technical know-how.

When we started ExpoSim, we wanted to give people an offline event experience in the virtual world and organizers the freedom to personalize their events, a strong engagement plan, and an event setup that they can do on their own.

ExpoSim was born with the idea to infuse all these features into virtual and hybrid events.

ExpoSim’s virtual event platform aims at empowering businesses by offering them an easy, no-code DIY platform. Our platform helps you hyper-personalize your event, while also giving you a plethora of options to engage your audience.

Our platform presents a suite of microservices that help organizers manage an end-to-end virtual/hybrid event from a single place.


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