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Carl @ EZL 2 months ago

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Add your blogs on the fly

We are happy to announce that we have added a BLOG feature in the left menu!To check how it works, click on "Blogs" in the left sidebar.To activate this feature, log in and go to "Settings", where you can make this feature visible as a menu item. It's possible to save drafts and keep those blogs hidden from the public. Enjoy!NOTE: within a few weeks you will be able to implement a clean version of your page on your existing website. Stay tuned.

Carl @ EZL 3 months ago

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How to get more leads or visibility with EZlauncher

2 ways to get more exposure: UPDATE YOUR DETAILPAGE AND GET FIRST RANKED ON OUR HOMEPAGEEZlauncher is here for helping entrepreneurs during the most difficult phase of their startup. That's why we decided to reward the product makers who are active on EZlauncher by putting them on the first place in the list on our homepage. Each time you add news, manage your feedback or edit your product with valuable information, your project will be shown on the first place on our homepage! WE PROMOTE YOUR PROJECT ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA FOR FREE Once you submit your project and its innovative, we will promote it on our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin page FOR FREE.

Carl @ EZL 4 months ago

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New version of EZlauncher is out!

WHAT IS NEW:Added an "Announcements" section, where you can add the latest news,Added a “Feedback” system with status labels, Added Bug reports and feature requests, Added “Testimonial” section, - Added "Contact us" form, Added “The Benefits” section in ‘edit product’ New Admin Panel to manage everything about your project,Several bugfixes,

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