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Free Online Diagram Making Tool for Developers is a free online diagram making tool for developers which is highly focused on speed. Typing code is much faster in comparison to drag-and-drop. For developers, it is more easy and natural to write than to draw


  • Rapid Diagramming: Developers can concentrate on their ideas without touching a mouse because only the keyboard allowed.
  • Version Control: Gleek offers you meaningful version control so that you don't have to bother yourself for storing binary files.
  • Live Collaboration: It allows you to experience working with others. With collaboration you can plan, conceptualize and finalize your project ideas.
  • Diagram Export: You can export and share diagrams and save them in different formats that fits your requirements.
  • Design Templates: Use pre-designed templates to guide you through common use cases.
  • Customization: Choose the perfect look for your diagrams to reflect their nature.

Tushar Gupta Shivam Gupta Syed Faizuddin MooTeeF Kevin Vlad Victor Aremu

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