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The leading staffing-as-a-service platform for restaurants

HireApp is a platform that uses AI technology to match companies with skilled, vetted, and insured workers. We have amassed a roster of specialized independent talented pros.

The moment that a client posts a shift, our system uses a sequence of algorithms to find a great match. Once one of our pros accepts the shift, our clients can view their profile that contains their rating as ranked by clients and our staff, thus providing our clients with a twice-vetted Pro.

On HireApp, registering and posting a shift takes less than three minutes. Our clients set the time, duration, location, choose an hourly rate and note any special requirements. HireApp has no upfront or hidden costs for clients or pros. Our clients are charged only after the shift has been satisfactorily completed.

We specialize in the moving, warehousing, construction, cleaning, and hospitality industries, and we are in the process of adding more categories.

AppClues Infotech Syed Faizuddin



Published on: 07/09/2021
Status: Growth Phase

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