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Incognito for Slack

Incognito for Slack

Get anonymous feedback in a private slack channel

The purpose behind building Incognito for Slack is to create an anonymous feedback space where your team is already working. This will encourage open and honest feedback from team members that help to quickly spotlight common issues. By using our tool you can enable the voices of passive employees and level the playing field for all team members.


1. /incognito: Your team can use this command to give anonymous feedback into a private channel.

2. /incognito-poll: Admin can create an anonymous poll for your #general channel.

3. /incognito-stats: It shows the number of users, submissions and feedback rankings. These statistics can only be accessed by admins.

4. /incognito-export: This feature allows admin to receive all feedback data in a file via Slack without any real names.

5. /incognito-champion: This feature allows admin to send a thank you or reward to an anonymous user who provided the most helpful feedback.

Click "Try it free" or "Add to Slack" above and then approve the app for your workspace. The bot will create a new private channel named "anonymous_feedback" and add you into it. You can then add leadership users that should read & rate the feedback. Your team can immediately start using the /incognito slash command to submit feedback.

We will never share your real name unless legally obligated. The only information we share is the text you submitted, the date/time you submitted it, and your anonymous animal alias. You can check if your organization has access to your private messages here: [yourorganization]

The Incognito for Slack bot only reads and saves content that is explicitly and directly sent to the bot, nothing else. For every user that interacts with the bot, we save their username, slack ID, team ID, and we create an anonymous animal alias. For every feedback submission, we save the text, date/time it was submitted, author ID, author's anonymous alias, users that marked the post as helpful and unhelpful, and the team ID (real names are only known to Incognito for Slack).

Your data is encrypted at rest with AES-256, block-level storage encryption, and cloud-hosted by Heroku. You can read our privacy policy and terms of service.
Syed Faizuddin Shivam Gupta Matthew Brooks Matteo Mosca Kritika Oberoi



Published on: 25/01/2021
Status: Startup Phase

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