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Marvin's Den

Marvin's Den

The world's first mobile app marketplace to order from meal prep companies

  • It's a marketplace - we've got the best meal prep companies
  • Easy ordering - sort your nutrition and week out in a few clicks
  • Comparison tool - use our app not only to order but to compare other companies
  • Filtering - find meals that match your fitness goals and dietary requirements
  • Order tracking - get live updates on order status
  • It's free to download and there's no premium upgrades!
  • No delivery or service fees

Do you go to the gym but struggle to prepare meals which match your ambitious fitness goals? 

Do you struggle with finding time to cook delicious, yet healthy and nutritionally balanced meals? 

Are you looking to make healthier choices when it comes to how you fuel your body?

You probably came back from work or from the gym and felt too tired and busy to cook meals or to rush to the supermarket…

You may have ordered takeaway delivery and felt guilty or even embarrassed about the unhealthy option you chose…

You may have even tried to plan ahead and buy supermarket meals. However while you have found them convenient, they’ve disappointed you with poor flavour, poor macros and high levels of sodium, fat and sugar….

Did you know that now there are many companies online preparing delicious healthy meals? These companies prepare either delicious pre-made meals or fitness-focused meal prep meals.

However, it can become overwhelming or too much of a hassle to order from them as there are just so many options. 

Enter Marvin’s Den: the world’s #1 mobile app marketplace for ordering from meal prep companies. 

All in one app. Easy.

Marvin’s Den allows you to explore, find and order healthy and high quality pre made meals and meal prep meals matching with your preferences, dietary requirements and fitness goals.

This app has been founded on a mission to make healthy meals as convenient and easy to order as takeaway and fast food meals currently are. We believe that if healthy meals are placed on a level playing field with takeaway meals, then many more people would pick the healthy option.

Nick Raimondo

Nick Raimondo

4 months ago

Thanks for featuring us!

Carl @ EZL

Carl @ EZL

4 months ago Founder

Our pleasure! ;)

Nick Raimondo

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