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Mumara Campaigns+

Mumara Campaigns+

Modern Email Marketing Solution for Your Automation Process

  • Easy to use interface, Low prices, More growth

Mumara is an email marketing automation software where you design your striking email campaigns and send them for the best ROI, engagement, and deliverability. It is created as a self-hosted software and with its immense success we stepped forward to provide much-needed ease to our existing, new, and future customers-we focused on Mumara App Store.

Mumara Campaigns is fully loaded with the architectural rebuilt, and enhanced features to add value in the world of email marketing. Previously, it was known as Mumara Classic which is a part of the Mumara App Store, and with great effort, we have improvised it to Mumara Campaign+. Along with it, Mumara provides you with the finest experience to engage your clients through SMS marketing.

We have a team of experienced software developers that are enthusiastic to step up with the new market trends and they are building an app by adding features that our clients look for. Our 24/7 vigilant support is capable enough to provide you with all the support you need regarding Mumara.

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Wasif Ahmad

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