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Accountability on demand via virtual coworking

MyFocusSpace is a remote coworking space where people become more productive by being matched with strangers for a 1-1, 50-minute working session, followed by 9 minutes of networking.

This setup helps with **procrastination** because is harder to neglect the session knowing that there is someone else waiting for you to start working.

This setup works with **distractions** because you share with your partner what are you going to work on during the 50-minute session(and this makes the goal specific) and because it taps into our natural inclination to try to perform better when we are observed by someone else.

This setup works with **loneliness** and **tiredness** by bringing variety in the work experience and healthy breaks.   

We use Machine Learning to match people on-demand based on their profile information to foster better conversations at the end of the session.

All you need is a computer with a camera and microphone and an internet connection. Our app is also working great on mobile phones. Give it a try, especially if you need more screen space.

Yes. We strongly urge you to keep the video on. This help with the accountability part. Regarding the microphone, we suggest to arrange with your partner at the beginning. Some people work better with background noise, while others do less.

If you're late or don't show, your attendance score will be reduced, and your account can end up being frozen. We go to great lengths to building the strongest community of DOers.

Your scoring is based on your attendance rate. If you show up, you gain points and keep your badges intact, otherwise you'll lose them.

No problem, we will try to match you with another person as fast as possible.
Syed Faizuddin Shivam Gupta



Published on: 05/04/2021
Status: Startup Phase

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