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Keep your teams engaged, even if they are on remote

Nailted is already helping thousands of people improve their employee experience, and now we are launching the official integration with Slack, which will make it much easier to stay on top of your team.

A set of tested Feedback dynamics, such as giving recognition or sending suggestions to the company. It's much easier for the team because it's integrated into their day-to-day work, and for the company, it results in a better engagement rate.

?? Understand your people better with real-time people analytics, start with eNPS and more than 40 KPIs. Use our lightweight built-in survey questions or customize yours if you prefer.

? Involve your managers easily by giving them specifically designed tools to help them on a daily basis, with 1:1 meetings, for example. Get each of your managers to adopt this habit in your company and prevent an inconsistent and unwanted culture.

? Motivate your people and develop friendships, build up a positive feedback culture, encourage fellowship, and create good vibes among the team.

Try it! It is free!