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Parse Information from Emails

Parse Information from Emails

Parse Information from Emails

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Generating leads from inbound emails is now possible in the SuiteCRM. With the help of our Email to Lead to Anything plugin, you can parse information from emails and it will create a record in SuiteCRM modules. The entire process of creating leads from inbound emails will be automated. The plugin consists of numerous pre-defined tokens that can directly map the fields in desired modules. We are sure that after installing this plugin, you will witness a surge in lead generation.

*Top Features*

1. Create records automatically in the desired module within SuiteCRM.

2. After a new record is created the user will also get a notification on the provided email address.

3. Our plugin is also capable of capturing the information present in the email body.

4. The admin can also assign the task to the team members directly from the plugin. It will automate the workflow and increase the business efficiency to a great extent.


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