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Makes Slack digestible

We built Poppins for our internal use as we were struggling with information overload on Slack. There were too many channels and conversations and we often missed out on important information. To our surprise our fellow founders had similar problems, so we offered them Poppins and they loved using it.

We have seen more and more founders and managers using Poppins to solve this problem, some of our users have replaced Poppins with a diary, google docs, and ticketing tools, etc. Most commonly they are able to focus on what is the most important item for them on Slack, they're able to engage better with the team & follow up without wasting a ton of their time.

Adding Poppins to their workspace saves them ~an hour of time each day.

Here is the Poppins story:

you can read it here on our website as well: 

Let me if you're interested to try it out. I would be happy to personally demo and onboard you.



Mayank Mishra

Mayank Mishra

6 months ago Co-Founder

Happy to personally demoing and onboarding you, please reach out to me.

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