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a marketplace where you can buy or sell books at 8€ ?

Hey friends,

Do you have books that you won’t read anymore? ?

I just completed a no-code project to train myself:

It is a marketplace where you can sell/buy books at 8 €. ?

We all have books that collect dust.

Sell them, it will give you more space and it will benefit other people! 

For curious people, I did this project with :

  • Webflow: for the landing page
  • Airtable: to list books
  • Cognito Forms: for buy and sell forms
  • Zapier: to create a new line on Airtable once a book is on sale and update it once purchased. And also to create a tweet for each new book put up for sale
  • ClipDrop: for the image of the envelope with the book on the website

Hope you like it and do not hesitate if you have any feedback!

Shivam Gupta MooTeeF Shivam Gupta Kevin

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