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Send Test Email

Send Test Email

A free, online way to send a test email

  • Free and fast
  • Simple- no bloat!
  • No registration required

I couldn't find an online way to send a simple, static email to test out email addresses. Hence Send Test Email was built.

There are a lot of email testers out there that check for deliverability, spam score, dkim, responsiveness, and how an email looks on different browsers and email clients. These are too bulky, slow to use, and usually require signing up for an account.

I wanted a super simple site that allows you to quickly send a test email, w/o any of the bloat. Hopefully it's something you'll find useful too, and bookmark for future use!

Tushar Gupta Jeff Svicarovich
Published on: 04/10/2022
Status: Startup Phase

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