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Co-browse in 1-click and solve issues 3X faster.

We want to help SaaS business to succeed in Customer Success.
With Sideby you will be able to co-browse with ease, solve your client's issues 3X faster and onboard easier. No more long emails or videocalls. Turn 1-hour call into a 20 minutes co-browsing session. Fast, simple, and easy for both sides. Our tool helps you in the most crucial stage: making sure your users get the help they asked for in a more efficient way. Our tool allows you to see who is on your product in real-time and control their screen with 1-click. Your users do not need to download anything or use codes. As result, businesses save costs and make their clients smile solving their issues in no time.  

Tushar Gupta Airon Maynhem juliaching Grace Connor Adam Noel Aaron Arnold Cassandra Matt F
Published on: 27/07/2021
Est. launchdate: 30/11/-0001
Status: Prototype

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