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Stock investing ideas, proven by data, in a click

Stock investing ideas, proven by data, in a click

Investing app that can maximize chance of returns from recommended stocks, using data, in a click.

Streetbeat is easy-to-use trading and investing platform. Our engineers take the most valuable investment data and provide you with suggested trades. Whether you’re just starting or are a professional, we offer exclusive trading signals that are easy to understand and take action.

Wall Street hedge funds are buying a lot of data to learn how companies' sales are tracking before they announce their earnings. They have drones recording activity at car dealers, satellites to measure crop production, data from credit cards, app usage, and more.

There is a big difference between the data available to Wall Street hedge funds and private investors. Streetbeat closes this gap and democratizes the data, giving you access to stock picks based on the same data that the top hedge funds have, in a free trading app.

As an example, if Honda is selling more cars than expected, we’ll suggest investing and you can take action. We’ll also suggest buying Netflix if they’re acquiring more subscribers, and so on for over a thousand companies.

In addition to providing you with timely stock picks based on real-world data, Streetbeat gives you access to real-time stock prices and fully automatic trading capabilities.

Streetbeat - Investing powered by real-world data

Streetbeat - Find your investing success

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