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SuiteCRM Bulk Field Importer

SuiteCRM Bulk Field Importer

This SuiteCRM extension is compatible with all core and Custom modules.

  • Easy for businesses to upload any kind of field but not limited to text, URL, Checkbox, etc.
  • Use this rich add-on and get a preformatted sample CSV file that comprises the layout.
  • The plugin is not just to import one by one importing fields as you can import in bulk to save countless hours.
  • The plugin is advanced no matter if you used special characters, alphanumeric, etc. Select the right field type for your SuiteCRM.

One by one creating Custom fields in SuiteCRM is a Tedious task. Of course, it is a time-consuming activity. This is why we launched SuiteCRM Bulk Field Importer. It allows users to easily import tons of fields from CSV to SuiteCRM software.

Create any kind of field for your business operation and more importantly, in any SuiteCRM module where you want. The choice is yours! Every CRM Industry must strive for this time-saving product to get an immaculate experience. The Product is compatible with every SuiteCRM version and it is for Unlimited users.

Anil Maurya
Published on: 05/11/2022
Status: Growth Phase

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