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TrendTok Analytics

TrendTok Analytics

AI powered TikTok analytics for trends, content & sounds

We help you track, discover and predict TikTok Trends. With these analytics you can find trends first and use these to grow your account and create viral videos. Here are some of the awesome features you’ll find that will help you get more views and more followers with your next video:

-Discover Trends

Find trends that are going viral near you, in your category, with your favorite TikTokers and more! And want to discover new trending sounds to use in your videos? Scroll through our TikTok soundboard and find them today!

-Find Personalized Trends For You

Too many sounds and trends to sort through? We will curate a list of trends just for you to quickly find and use for your next videos.

-Analyze and Predict New Trends

Use our artificial intelligence algorithms to track, analyze and predict if a trend is going to keep rising, fall soon or if it’s emerging as a new trend you should hop on. We provide you with the stats you need to predict and find new trends.

-Save Tiktok Sounds and Trends

Annoyed that you have to try and search for the trending sounds or scroll through all of your favorite sounds when you’re making a video? We have you covered. Easily save the trending sounds and music you like and quickly open them in Tiktok when you’re ready to use them.

-Discover What Trends People in Your Category are Using

Curious about what trends other beauty gurus, chefs, travel accounts, pets, etc are using to get more views on their videos? We’ll get you the information you need!

-See what trends the top TikTokers are using

Want to know what trends Charlie D’Amelio, Addison Rae or even the Sway House are using? We’ll show you the trending songs, sounds and predictions you need to know.

Download for free today and start getting more views on your videos, get more followers and create more viral TikToks to grow your account!

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by TikTok or ByteDance Ltd!

Jeff Svicarovich Shivam Gupta Syed Faizuddin Saniya Shah Josh Hailes
Published on: 24/02/2021
Status: Startup Phase

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