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Build and grow your community

Ezlauncher is a community platform and startup-hub where you get FREE access to tool that enables you to grow your community and get the brand awareness you deserve.

get started

How does it work ?

If you want to start getting more traffic and build your own community, here's how

1. Submit and create your page

In 5 simple steps you can submit your tech project for FREE and join the EZlauncher community.

  • Easy onboarding process
  • We are reviewing and approving every submission manually
  • It takes +/- 15-30 days till approval
  • You will receive a notification by mail once approved

2. After approval

Hurray! Your personal page on EZlauncher has been created, as well as a clean page which you can implement on your own website (In Q2)

  • Manage your menu items easily (hide/show/configure)
  • Update your project's story (video/images/description)
  • Fill all the modules with content (publish news/create posts/..)

3. Start interacting

Invite your current customers and leads to read and participate on your community. Let's rumble!

  • Collaborate and learn from your audience
  • Invite your customers to ask their feedback
  • Send notification to your community (Q2)
  • Lot's more features in the pipeline! (Q2)